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About Us

We can customise measuring tapes to meet all your requirements

Since its founding, Marker has grown into a huge brand with full fledged production facilities, and one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of steel and fiberglass measuring tapes in India.

We have dominated the market with groundbreaking technology and patented designs. Today, Marker’s range of products are spread in every corner of the world. We have evolved into a global player from being a domestic manufacturer until just a few years ago due to our incredible quality, service, and innovation.

We're one of the largest OEMs in India

Other than a mainline manufacturing unit, we also have a dedicated ancillary unit for the production of small parts, which consists of a moulding and press shop.

We create and patent multiple new innovations in the field of measurement.

Our special R&D team is continually designing, testing, and improving our products to ensure quality and maximum function. 

These teams work on new products and designs so as to improve the ergonomics and durability of our products, keeping in mind the various tough working conditions of the product users.

We have International Experience

Our large international network is made robust by multiple collaborative ventures with numerous established importers and agents.

With prior experience in exporting products to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, South Africa, and more, we eliminate the hassle of navigating new territory for you.

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